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The Internet Decoded Doctor Krieger’s Launch Code From This Week’s ‘Archer’ And It Is Absolutely Perfect

Originally posted on UPROXX:
This sort of thing is why I love the internet. When I was watching this week’s Archer it didn’t even cross my mind to pay attention to the hexadecimal code that the Doctor Krieger clone entered as the launch code for the giant nerve gas missile, let alone decode it. But…

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New Animated Series “Twaggies” Exclusively on Dailymotion

Here’s the pilot episode of a brand new series featuring animated Twaggies, which are cartoons made from funny or interesting tweets.

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The Most Popular Woman On OkCupid Is Making Your Gross Private Messages Public

Originally posted on UPROXX:
In the past three months, Lauren Urasek has received, in her estimation, more than 15,000 4- or 5-star ratings on OkCupid. That makes her the most popular woman on the dating website, or at least the one who gets the most weird messages. But Urasek, despite or possibly because of her…

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MIPTV: DailyMotion Boards Half-Hour Reality Format ‘Jump Outs’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Originally posted on Variety:
CANNES — Digital platform DailyMotion has commissioned “Jump Outs,” a half-hour reality format produced by U.S. digital studio SXM. The format sets teams of contestants against real-life, elite police units known as the “Jump Out Boys.” The contestants must pick up and transport an amulet across an abandoned housing tract without…


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