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Watch My Stand-up Comedy Set on Coleslawful, Yo! App, Adrian Peterson

This was my full length stand-up comedy set at Metropolitan Room on Friday, September 19th, 2014. I told jokes about the YO! app, new hybrid words I’ve created, my relationship issues as sung by Ariana Grande, inappropriate Chris Brown songs at 16 Handles, Adrian Peterson and more.

Hoboken Comedy Festival fundraiser Liberty Humane Society

Hoboken Comedy Festival & Eastville Comedy Club’s Rising Stars Showcase

I’m performing at the Hoboken Comedy Festival fundraiser for the Liberty Humane Society and Eastville Comedy Club’s Rising Stars Showcase. Click for deets, sheeeit.

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RSVP for My Stand-up Set at Metropolitan Room, FRI 9/19 @ 9:30pm

RSVP for my stand-up comedy set at Metropolitan Room on Friday, September 19th at 9:30pm, plus other updates, mate.

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Watch My AXS TV Gotham Comedy Live Audition Audition!

Check out my full stand-up comedy set from Gotham Comedy Club, the audition for the AXS TV audition in which I told jokes about the CEO of Cold-Eeze, my severe sweating problem, and other super serious stuff.

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Come See My AXS TV “Gotham Comedy Live” Audition Audition

I’m performing a set at Gotham Comedy Club to audition for “Gotham Comedy Live”, which airs live Thursdays at 10pm ET on AXS.tv. Come watch. And also laugh.


Just two bros broing out in broboken. 'Grats hickin hilts! Now for god's sake, consummate the thing! The Giants are playing uglier than this sweater right now.

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