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Come See My AXS TV “Gotham Comedy Live” Audition Audition

I’m performing a set at Gotham Comedy Club to audition for “Gotham Comedy Live”, which airs live Thursdays at 10pm ET on AXS.tv. Come watch. And also laugh.

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Brooklyn Cyclones To Wear ‘Slime’ Jerseys On 90s Night To Benefit ALS Association

Originally posted on NESN.com:
The Brooklyn Cyclones are taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to new heights. The viral challenge has taken the Internet by storm this summer with buckets of icy water being dumped on heads in order to raise awareness for ALS. The Cyclones — the New York Mets’ short-season Single-A affiliate…


My Full Stand-Up Comedy Set on Brogurt, Bangover, and More

This was my full stand-up comedy set from Gotham Comedy Club on Tuesday, August 5th. I told jokes about inserting ‘bro’ into words, hangovers, new sex moves, and more.

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Twitter’s Best Rejected Weird Al Songs (#RejectedWeirdAlSongs)

Weird Al Yankovic just released his latest album, “Mandatory Fun”. Here are Twitter’s nominations for Rejected Weird Al songs courtesy of Nerdist’s @Midnight show on Comedy Central.

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My Full Stand-up Comedy Set on Hyphens, Mount Orgasmus, Gangster Penguin & More

This was my stand-up comedy set from Gotham Comedy Club on July 2nd, 2014. I told jokes about my mom, online dating site OkCupid, my girlfriend, hyphenated last names, getting fat, and the expression “at the end of the day”.


This is where the rubber meets the road. It's not thick. That's what she said. If there's not a Dear John in the Letter Family I'll eat my hat.

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